Everyone has a unique story to share

Mindology is a private practice offering bespoke counselling services in supporting your growth and healing in emotions, relationships, and developmental concerns

We all struggle at times. Therefore seeking help is both a wise and courageous step forward. We can make shifts in our thinking and ways of engaging with the world that can reduce our suffering and invite a more positive experience in our lives.


Traumatic events could leave an open wound in our lives if it remains unprocessed.

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Good relationships are vital to our wellbeing. It is essential for a fulfilling life.

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We all struggle at times — often painfully so — therefore seeking help is both a wise and courageous step forward.

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Coaching is geared toward individuals who wish to seek support to reach their life goals. During the process, your counsellor will identify your strengths and areas in life where you feel stuck.

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Greater psychological understanding can empower us to reach our potential. Mindology works collaboratively with clients to tailor psychoeducational programs for your needs.

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Corporate services

Research has shown that mental health issues impair the productivity and key performance indicator (KPI) of employees. This results in dysfunctional work environments. 

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