Traumatic events could leave an open wound in our lives if it remains unprocessed. Some of the most common traumas people experience include sexual abuse, bullying, childhood neglect, abusive relationship, miscarriage, frightening chronic or acute life events. 

Mindology offers a safe space to work through memories and its associated feelings and behaviors triggered by the traumatic event. Traumatic events can leave us feeling vulnerable and unsafe. 

Counselling can help by supporting you to maintain necessary protection for your wellbeing, whilst diminishing the urge to be hypervigilant. Through counselling, you can expect to work through the trauma so that you can gain a sense of peace. 

One of the key goals is to help you rebuild a strong sense of self so that you may trust yourself and your resources. 

It’s not always easy to see how events of the past influence your current life and that’s why working with a Counsellor from Mindology will help you. 

We will guide you to understand your trauma in the context of your life which promotes an understanding of your suffering. This will liberate you from past patterns of emotional and behavioral responses associated with the trauma. By the end of your therapeutic journey, you will feel empowered and future-focused; no longer stuck in the past.

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