Slide COACHING IS GEARED TOWARD INDIVIDUALS WHO WISH TO SEEK SUPPORT TO REACH THEIR LIFE GOALS COACHING We all have the natural tendency to strive for happiness, growth, and fulfillment. This would mean different things for different people depending on your season of life.

Coaching is geared toward individuals who wish to seek support to reach their life goals. During the process, your counsellor will identify your strengths, values, needs, and desires. Through coaching, we strive to understand you holistically and tailor feasible plans to empower you to reach your goals. We will create a supportive and nurturing environment conducive for your growth.

Coaching is beneficial for people who would like to seek support for the following:

- Parenting
- Life and family planning
- Retirement adjustment
- Navigating through work settings
- Career advancement
- Migration and relocation planning
- Intercultural adjustment
- Adolescent concerns
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